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Sunset at New Life USA Nevada
Sunset at New Life USA Nevada


New Life USA Nevada Center was founded on November 2015 as a expansion of New Life USA. It initially serves as extension of New Life USA Missouri Recovery Center that has been in operation since 2006. This location was selected in order to better serve our large base of rehabilitants that come from California and also for it large potential farming acreage. It was originally a ranch with the appropriate access, structures and facilities to get a good head start and rapid operation.


The Mission of New Life USA Nevada is the education and training for people who have already successfully graduated from the 12-months recovery program in New Life USA Missouri or other similar rehabilitation centers and establish these individuals as solid members of society and with strong moral and family character.


  • To develop trade skills in farming that includes livestock and alfalfa growing

  • To develop trade skills construction

  • To develop trade skills in automotive servicing specifically in tire and auto repair

  • To prepare rehabilitants as missionaries for the future, applying their knowledge and skills to assist other people in recovery.

  • Maintain New Life USA’s commitment of free of charge for rehabilitants.

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