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Our rehab center – “New life USA” was founded on February 5, 2007. With the help of several churches, 102 acres of land was purchased to upon which to build a rehab center in Missouri. At the time, two barns and an old house were the only buildings on this site, a retired farm. Three ministers, volunteer pastors, offered to conduct their ministry at the Rehab center. The ministry began a week later with the arrival of the first people in need of rehab. A Vancouver church kindly offered to supply the materials needed for the work to begin. In the beginning, the rehabilitants and staff slept in the attic of the old house.

Five years later – we see fruits of this labor. We’ve served hundreds of people by providing FREE help and this has changed their lives dramatically. In years since we’ve constructed a male and a female housing units which hold up to 80 people and also constructed a Russian style sauna. In Russia we learned this style sauna was crucial to detoxification from drugs and having by our creek provides a great cool down location. To help our rehabilitants understand the hopelessness of leading a Christ-less life (a life without deeper meaning) we provide an environment rich is teaching, stewardship and fellowship. They also come to understand the joy and fulfillment that comes from hard work and exercise. They breed livestock including cows, sheep, goats, chicken, and fish. They post rehabilitation value by learning trades of automotive servicing, construction, electrical work, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, and repair. Also, we have 20 beehives, an orchard, vegetable gardens, and greenhouse. All of these things have been done through hard work and with the help of people who are not indifferent to the misfortunes of others. In the rehabilitation center men and women of all ages who have lost a moral lifestyle come to know the meaning of a fulfilling meaningful life. They graduate to become contributing members of society.

For this reason, we started expanding in recent years by beginning the construction of a worship center in Missouri and we have bought land and are opening a another center near Lovelock, Nevada. As you can imagine, we really need people who have skills of all kinds and whose hearts are sensitive to the fate of others. If you have a desire to come and work in our Godly mission…we are waiting for you!

At New Life Missouri we house 15 to 35 people simultaneously. Currently, services are held in the dining room and for now we have no space deficiency (there is no overcrowding; there is a sufficient amount of room). We look to the future and hope that we will have more staff, and therefore, we will be able to serve more people that are in need of rehabilitation.



The Mission of New Life USA Missouri is the education and training for people who have already successfully graduated from the 12-months recovery program in New Life USA Missouri or other similar rehabilitation centers and establish these individuals as solid members of society and with strong moral and family character.


  • To develop trade skills in farming that includes livestock and alfalfa growing

  • To develop trade skills construction, with special expertise in stonework/masonry.

  • To develop trade skills in automotive servicing specifically in tire and auto repair

  • To prepare rehabilitants as missionaries for the future, applying their knowledge and skills to assist other people in recovery.

  • Maintain New Life USA’s commitment of free of charge for rehabilitants.

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