Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program

The course of recovery at the Center is for a period of 20 months and is based on the Patient's free will and their desire as a person with a drug or alcohol addiction. As a prerequisite of admission, the Patient must realize that he/she has an addiction and must sincerely desire to break free of it. New Life USA does not admit individuals denying their problem or unwilling to break free of it.

We have set up a series of rules/regulations that help maintain a healthy environment here at “New Life USA”.

The following are prohibited:

  1. Smoking
  2. Substance abuse drugs
  3. Substance abuse alcohol
  4. Entering into intimate relations with the opposite gender
  5. Physical violence
  6. Abusive or inappropriate language
  7. Stealing
  8. Lying
  9. Leaving New Life USA’s property
  10. Disrupting day to day affairs at the center

POLICY- Entrance information

If you think this program is for you, please contact us for a quick interview. You should be aware of the terms and conditions that this program calls for. You can download them here.