FREE Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center

Who We Are

“New life USA” is a non-profit center that offers rehabilitation to those suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependency. Since the founding of our organization on February 5, 2007, we’ve seen hundreds of lives changed through our program. God’s grace and his faithful followers allow us to prosper and look hopefully into the future where more and more lives will be affected by the work we do at “New life USA”.

What We Believe

We believe that Christ alone holds the power to free one from addiction and give new life. This belief shapes our rehabilitation process; the main focus lays in shaping our residents’ spiritual beliefs by educating them in the Word of God. We then combine those efforts with physical labor; Physical labor teaches them self-sufficiency, and opens up more opportunities for them in the future.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead people to freedom from substance abuse through acquaintance with Christ and physical labor.

Sergey Matevosyan founder of the rehabilitation center

Start a New Life

The only criterion for entrance into our rehabilitation program is a strong desire to obtain a new life- hence, our name: “New Life USA”. This individual also must be acutely aware of his/her situation, understanding that he/she needs help (spiritual and physical). Anyone can come to our Rehab center for help; we don’t discriminate in age, gender, denomination, and philosophical or world views.

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Latest News

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. PROVERBS 3:27
At new life, we rely on the kindness and love of others. We know all about the value of God’s children blessing us as they have been blessed. So, when the time comes for us to be of service, we jump at the opportunity to do so”

About the Program

We offer a two-step rehabilitation process. This process aims to free individuals from dependency and prepare them for an independent life outside of our rehab center, “New Life USA”. Following rehabilitation we hope that these individuals can return to society as spiritually and physically healthy people who can take responsibility before God for the purity of their lives and their work...

We need your Help!

Many opportunities await anyone who has an interest in serving God by giving, praying, or volunteering here at “New Life USA” .

How to Get Involved?